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Website Design

We at Qadir provide affordable & SEO friendly responsive website design & development with our offshore development team.

We in the Industry are here to analyse your market and work on it scrupulously to make your online presence become stronger, widening its reach to as many number of users by recognising your desires and therefore design and develop solutions that deal with your business objectives.

Responsive Design

The way that consumers and potential customers use the internet has gone through some gradual changes in the last few years. Statistical data released by Google has made it clear that the mobile sites are already the next big thing in the online world. An astonishing bit of information that these stats have revealed is that almost 50% of the smartphone users access the web only through web engine searches.

The second most popular are the mobile applications developed by specific brands. This chronology of user response has inspired many businesses to pay more attention to the development of their websites and apps in order to make them more interactive and attention-grabbing.

Why Responsive ?

 Super Flexible

 Excellent User Experience

 Cost Effective

 Recommended By Google

 Easy to manage

 Easier Analytics Reporting

Responsive Web Design Example

Still your website is not responsive ?

A design change which can bring in new business or a change which people appreciates. What more is best to change, than your website design? Your website is your virtual office, a place which can be visited by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

With increasing competitions everyday, your website design should not only be attractive but also user friendly and above all it should fall within the new trends in web designing. Like fashion, web design also changes its trend quite often.

The launch of new devices and retina screens has significantly changed the way websites were designed. Gone are the days when websites were considered only as an information medium, its more of an interactive medium now.

We at Qadir update ourselves with the latest trends in website designing & help you to convert your normal website into a latest responsive websites. You are just a click away.